Beach Side Series

Our series of releases with a laid back deep house or nu-disco vibe. These mini compilations will showcase some of the best dreamy house music, the best deep house sunset vibes and beach party nu-disco that we can find! From established artists and new to the label producers. Bringing those happy sunshine moments to you with the Beach Side series. 

And so it begins, our new label direction into laid back deep house vibes ideal for the beach bar, pool party, roof top terrace party or those sunset moments. We launch the Beach Side series with four cracking tracks and three new artists to the label. Firstly we welcome Tiger Toast all the way from Australia. Their track Floating is the perfect sunshine deep houser with lush piano and solid production. Next up is Cathertzz with their debut track on our label called Take Away. A brilliant deep sunset moment with lush production and a lovely dreamy vibe. Hannah Aviera also lands with a bang on our label with his perfect sexy sunshine filled deep house track called Charemd I'm Sure. Finally Martin Davies drops a fat sunset moment with his original track Sun Downer.

Our second Beach Side release lands with more cracking laid back beach vibes. First up is T.Rails with his brilliant deep house track Higher and the first on the series with a full vocal section. We also see the return of NoOneKnown who has previously released with us. This time we asked him to come u with some sunny side up nu-disco tinged house and boy did he deliver with his track Who Are We! The second new artist to the label on the release hits us up with a lovely guitar driven deep houser. Finally Martin Davies appears again this time with a subtle deep house track ideal for those sunset moments!

The third in our Beach Side Series comes along with more tracks on laid back sunny vibe. First up is Tiger Toast back with his second track on our label, feeling this one as tune of the summer already! Top sunshine vibes right there! From Georgia Edit Mode lands with his first release with us and what a lovely subtle sunset momet we have with his track Niavi! Another debut release with us this time from Hyozeen and her track Who Am I. A slice of pool side deep house ideal to sip a cocktail to! Finally a rather lovely deep house track from Martin, this time befitting those sunny afternoon sessions!  

This time we hit you up with a mix of nu-disco & deep house from two new artists to the label. First up we are pleased to have Marco Amoazoo's awesome sunset deepness in White Fields. A subtle building number with a lovely vibe.  Back again with another nu-disco number is NoOnKnown and his track Summer Break, a really funky almost French in style track that traverses the lines between house n disco! Next up our first full on saxophone track comes in from Adrian Davidski and his track Epic Sax Time. A straight up funky house tune with an awesome sax line, ideal for those daytime parties! Finally Martin continues to add some further depth to the release with a nu-disco track that is mostly built up of samples - as if the name did not give that away already!

Our 5th Beach Side Volume comes in with a debut release from the well supported veteran of chilled house Zeequencha and his lovely uplifting vocal track I know. Summer vibes all the way with this one! Another debut release comes in from Tommy TraX who hits us up with an upfront sax laden deep houser that screams sunshine vibes! Our sunset moment on this release comes in from another debut from X Saws and his emotive track Conseptions. Finally the release is rounded off with a nu-disco tinged house track from Martin Davies.

Back on the Beach Side series we have NoOneKnown and his nu-disco tinged houser Good Morning Sunshine, a warm sunny slice indeed! Next up a debut from Adrian Davidski and his track Deep Love, a deep house track ideal for those summer days! Our sunset moment on this release comes in from Zhuro and his lush enveloping deep house tune beginning. As usual Martin Davies finishes off the release with an original production this time on a nu-disco vibe. Some Norwegian influences on this one we think!

This time we bring you more sunny vibes with three new debuts. First up is SYE who has landed with a bang with his delicate deep houser Gaze, a real uplifting yet subtle track. Vosa raised our ear when we heard his track Life, a warm housey vibe ideal for the sunset or pool party. Thirdly we have Purplehills and his track The House, a chugging nu-disco tinged houser that drops the sax! Finally Martin is still with us closing the series with his subtle deep house tune Easy, a short sweet twist!

Our eighth Beach Side Volume showcases Zhuro's best work so far with us and his soul hugging Touch The Sun track, ideal for a sunset we feel. Next up we are very pleased to showcase another debut artist to the label and this time Yanntra provides a nu-disoc workout that has him on both vocals and Violin, pure quality! NoOneKnown is back with his third track for the series and another lovely vibe full of the sunnier side of deep house. Finally and once again Martin hits us up with a funky deep houser.

We open with a warm and lush quality track called Do It Right from a duo new to the label Solar Touch & Sultanova. This track features Katya Red on vocals and is dreamy almost an early 2000's west coast house / deep house vibe. Pure class we think! Luzsa is the next debut artist with his track Ensemble, a delicate deep houser with the sounds of the sea with lush vocal envoking a hot summers day by the sea! Another debut artist to the label is up next called marcus with his short but sweet delicate deep house track Teenage Crime. This little track has daytime chilling written all over it! Next up we have our sunset moment of the release with a track aptly named Sunset Dreams (Original Mix) by Neta. A progressive outing that envokes the sunsetting over the ocean. DJ Mito's remix of Specifica gets a re-release here and will suit those edgy Ibiza sunsets well! Finally the release is rounded off with yet another vocal track and this tme a remix from Martin Davies of V.X.D's awesome track Mona Lisa. The remix works the track into a more danceable affair for those late afternoon / early evening moments.

Our 10th edition of summer tunes on this series and another cracking set of sun drenched music. First up is V.X.D with his first original work for us in his deep houser On My Mind (Beach Mix). Next up and we are glad to have back with us Zeequencha and his awesome laidback deep house track Need Your Love (Original Mix). New to the label artists Dianto & Wolf House come in all the way from Ecuador with a tropical deep houser that oozes sunny days. Next up and another debut release with us is Jan Stengel and his track Surreal Dreams (Original Mix). Were so pleased to be able to bring you this track offically as it samples other work that brings a very emotive vibe ideal for those sunset moments! Anyone recognise the track? Finally we round this one off with a re-release of NoOneKnown's ace track Lose My Defenses (Origianl Mix).

This volume is our largest so far with seven tracks on a laidback tip. Up front and centre is the ever present NoOneKnwon with his awesome deep house sunset moment in the shape of Sunset World. Yavore lands on the label with a lush well produced drifting deep houser and his track Red. Next up is another debut on the label and from Audaks who mixes melodic deepness here on his track Empty Streets. yet another new artist tallevi hits us up with a second sunset moment on a warm deep house vibe - complete with the sound of the Ocean too! Purplehills is back with his second track on the series and a more pumped up funky daytime party tune. Another new artist to the label from Russia lands with a slice of deep house ideal for those moments just post sunset. Finally another re-release and this time our favourite Richard Empire track No Sky Above.

Last Beach Side Volume for the season and what a cracking opener we have from Zeequencha! Great melody and key work on his proper Balearic Secretos track. A real 90's vibe we feel. Next up is and a slice of quality dope deepness ideal for those later moments as the sun is just setting. Samota Kid lands on the label with an ace cut of laid back deep house. Futureplay hits us up with their debut release and a bit of an again 90's esque vibe this time on a  rolling deep house tip, that fits those deeper moments. Finally We round off the summer 2020 series with an edit! Nauti Buoy subtlety plays with a bit of a classic here on his The Buoys Of Summer track. Nauti but nice!