label artists


UK based DJ / producer spinning the wheels of steel since the early 2000's. Head honcho of Wight Label Records. Resident DJ @ The Hut Colwell Bay


UK based, London producer of fine house music. Airing on the side of Tech House, this guy manages to add the funk!


CANADA based, Alberta producer. Cathertzz is a melodic techno/House producer focused on making sounds he loves. With very unique sound design coming from him, he never fails to deliver well-produced tracks.


UK based DJ / Producer & label owner of 3am recordings. Productions uner Low Tone / Audiotonic. Deadbeat Disco resident @ Distrik Leeds.


POLAND based producer / blogger of house music. Great following on his music blog @houzmusicblog.


CANADA based, Vancouver new wave producer of bass heavy music with a unique style and sound taking influence from garage, grime, drum and bass. We will support his deep house musings.


UK based DJ / Producer from London. Resident DJ @ Noexcuse parties & label owner of Noexcuse records.


UK based, London producer who excells in creating lush vocal house tracks.  We are pleased to be able to remix his original material.


AUSTRALIA based, Sydney producer who loves da house music!  We will support their more laidback deep house material.


ARGENTINA based, Dj  & Producer who started taking private piano lessons and has been self taught  in production. 


GEORGIA based Dj & Producer, also sound engineer and manager of one of the biggest studios in Tbilisi. Been doing Audio Post production for more than 10 years. 


POLAND / UK based producer, loves mixing organic instruments with electronic sounds.


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan  based producer into deep house.


British music producer living in Australia. Thomas moved to Australia in 2015 where he opened his own marketing company. In 2019 Thomas re-connected with his passion in music and he went on to release many of his productions under his own label using his stage name Tommy Trax. Since then he has worked with other musicians such as Tyler Rix and has grabbed the attention of various record labels from his chill-house, sunset beach vibe tracks. 


A Dj from Czech Republic. He has a passion for house and tech-house music. He is second half in tech-house duo named B/V Project.


26 year old Swedish producer and musical omnivore with love for the funk. We will support his more deep house musings! 


DJ / producer based in Ecuador. His first encounter with music occurred at the age of 10, when he learned to play flute at his school, at the same time that he began to show an attraction for electronic music. At the age of 12, Dianto had learned to play the guitar, which he learned to start playing piano and start with his first productions at the age of 14. After 3 years, he offered his first concert, in Hardlloween, the beginning of his career as a DJ, to then found his own line of events called Dreams: Episodes.


Russian based. The sounds of DEEP and Tech House in its non-classical performance, from the recently assembled team of musicians "AVOCADO.INC". Team "AVOCADO.INC" in their tracks, you’ll catch a special involving groove, to which YOU want to return again and again. Since 2019.


Based in Santiago Chile, this South american artist plays electro and is resident at Fractalia Stgo. We will support some of his more emotive deep house.


Egyptian based DJ and producer Drum Planet. Has been honing his skills in a DJ career for the past 14 years. Drum Planet's music career allowed him to introduce another element to this union and extend his talent even further. His use of unreleased tracks in a music environment allows Drum Planet to release his first track “Charisma “ was created in 2014 .


SWEDEN, based producer spanning many genre. We love his more nu-disco edged house!


Electronic music producer / dj from switzerland,with focus on deep and melodic house. He is also a part of the label Labor Musik


DJ from South Korea since 2015. She enjoys playing the chill vibe at the lounge bar, cafe or restaurant. When she livedin Ireland and Sweden, she devoted herself to studying and working onmaking that sort of music.  


Remixer & re-edit producer from the UK - little is known about this chap! - or is it? 


Zeequencha is electronic music stalwart William Sharpe from Scotland. Hooked on melodic and uplifting dance and chillout music for over 25 years, his mission is to create beautiful, deep and moving music that mesmerizes on the dancefloor and touches the inner soul elsewhere. Zeequencha has already established a name for himself in the deep house and chillout music scenes. 


Germany based, multi genre producer & violinist, studying music design. We will support his more deep house vibes.


Russia based musician and DJ, playing Deep House, Tech House, Nu Disco, Lounge, Dance music, D'n'B. Graduated from music school, specializing in piano in 2004. At the University she was part of the University Academic choir, was touring in various European festivals and gigs in 2008-2011 Dj-career in Yekaterinburg (Russia). Then continued to pursue her career as a DJ, playing in India,


Ameer Abdeen is a known act in the commercial music arena as he has produced music for a number of major artists around Sri Lanka. Starting his musical journey back when he was 12 years old, his pure talent and dedication helped him transit to Underground music in Sri Lanka. Marking the commencement of the journey in 2017 now known as NETA, started working on a new genre discovering new sounds and possibilities of making music with almost anything that emits a sound.


Yavore is a Electronic and Deep House producer from Bulgaria. The style that describes his music is characterized by many as harmonious and atmospheric sounds, as well as rich percussion supplemented by melodic vocals. His analogue sound preference can be clearly seen in most of his tracks. And yes, in the presence of so much music these days, it will be questionable to say that Yavore makes different music. But questions get their answers as soon as you hear what he has played.


Based in Romania, this dj & producer creates good vibes of which we will be supporting more of his deep house musings. 


As Deepinity, Martijn Kuilema chooses the deeper sound of electronic music. Music where beautiful chords, strings, pianos and analog sounds are central. Music that gives you a warm, positive and timeless feeling. The Dutch producer is also known for his Tech House productions as Martijn Kuilema. His Ableton tutorials on Youtube and his popular Ableton racks and templates. Martijn is also hired as a ghost producer for well-known Dutch artists. With Deepinity Martijn has taken a new path with quality sensitive music.


House music lover, DJying since 2000. Influenced by souful and disco house artists, T. Rails aimS to create a fresh yet original house flavour inspired in disco elements such as slap bass guitars and acoustic drums.


Based in Portugal and making music since 2018. We will support his more deep house musings.


Morocco based producer who is a very passionate music producer who likes to produce deep house and future bass and summer viby tracks. 


Ukrainian producer and remixer. Loves Progressive / Deep / Techno & Trance genre's and we will support his deep house musings.


Creative guy, messing with sound and pixels. Born in Rome, Italy and grown up in Tirana,  Albania. In love since a little boy with funky, disco and house music. Djing since 2004 under the name of DJVICKY, he created his own image as a dance floor smasher in the clubbing environment. 


Mexico based Producer/Dj that found his love for Electronic music when he was a student in Ireland, Dublín, focusing on Melodic, Electro, Progressive or Tropical House,  somehow reflecting in his music all the feelings and histories lived.


Solar Touch is a music producer, singer and songwriter from Russia. Writes EDM and electronic pop music. Working as an IT manager he decided to make a musical career at age 33. Arrangement style is eclectic and based on strong melodic lines. Plays guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesisers and laptop.


His beginnings in music came from the age of 16, when he began playing as a dj at partiesprivate electronic music so-called "RAVES". At 17 years inspired by the songs of David Guetta, Tiesto and Hardwell, began producing and composing his own music.At the age of 18 Wolf House had performed twice at a live music festival "DREAMS EPISODES" in the city of Guayaquil, playing the best HITS of the moment.  


a 26 year old creator of melodic electronic music from Austria. We are pleased to be able to bring you some of his music and in particular a track that some might recognise a sample used. 


Belarus based producer with wide musical interests focused on deep and minimal house vibes.


René found his love for electronic music at the age of 14. His first influences were Paul van Dyk, Kyau and Albert, EDU and other artists from the Trance family. In 2011 René was one of the top 4 finalists with his Remix of ATB´s and Dash Berlin´s Track Apollo Road at the ASUS DJ Challenge with ATB. After a few years where he spent his time improving his skills, he has been finding his own sound influenced by artist like Yotto, Luttrell, Ben Böhmer and Lane 8.